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This page is for the questions beginners may have.

Add your questions to the end.

See also: CategoryThisWiki, BeginnersGuideToCommunityWiki.

How do you Post a Comment?

To post a comment, you can click on “Edit this page” at the bottom of the page. You can then add a comment by inserting new:MyName? in square brackets, followed by your comment. MyName? should, of course, be replaced by your name.

How Was Your First Page?

I would like to hear contributors on CW briefly describe how they initiate the creation of new documents (here or elsewhere), what kinds of experience they have had… maybe what their first experience was like? Or what kinds of problems they ran into, or things they learned?

MyFirstPage lists what some contributors did when they first came here.

The CommunityWikiConsensus is a list of things people often do as they join this wiki.

See DenotingAuthor for the local conventions we use for discussions on wiki pages.


See MissionStatement for our list of topics.

When creating a new page, please avoid creating a ShallowPage. This is not a dictionary, and this is not an encyclopedia. If you find non-obvious terms used, link to the explanations on others sites such as the WikiPedia.

See the CommunityWikiNamingPolicy? for more information.

How Do You Keep Up?

The most important part is RecentChanges, and its RSS feed.

This wiki also features a Blog. If you have things to say that are only relevant here and now, put them on a DatePage (follow the links in the header or footer).

What's With The Meatball And Crao Links?

Sometimes you will find links to pages that exist on other sites, such as MeatballWiki and CraoWiki. In that case, you’ll find a link at the bottom of the page in the section “Edit Near Links.” It lists all the pages on remote sites. Follow that link and it will allow you to create a local copy of the page.

How Does the Pictures Thing Work?

Like this!


Seriously, though:

Formatting Rules?

When you edit a page, there will be a paragraph with the basic text formatting rules at the bottom of the page. You will find more text formatting rules on in the Oddmuse manual:

When participating in a discussion, many people here start their message with [new::]. This depends on your username being set (you’ll see how to set it when you edit a page). For more information, such as how to add these little portraits, see DenotingAuthor and HowToInsertYourFotoHere.

Report a bug

Please report your bug at the bottom of the page CommunityWikiSoftware.

Contact an administrator to report a site outage or similar serious problem

No good way to do this right now. You can try to find one of the CommunityWikiAdministrators, but if the site’s down, it may be hard to reach them.

Random questions

hello, how do you add a table to your wiki. ( i looked at the oddmuse site, but it said you had to upload to a modules subdirectory?) Thanks for any help!

Like this:

table table
chair chair

Are there talk pages or is there a place where you can discuss implementation and get answers regarding practical wiki experience advice on the wiki?

Sure! I think there are two common ways of doing this: 1. Ask a question on your name page LauraHale?. 2. Create a page as if you already knew the answer and just leave the question there. If you care about talk pages, for example, just create a page called TalkPages? and ask your question there.

[Annette] so now to add my comment in the right place. I just learnt how to delete my earlier miss placed comment. :-)

Welcome to the wiki! :)


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