2006-04-27 Talk

Well, I am starting to figure this out, slowly. First I am not so techy, but MattisManzel has translated to English what it looks like ChristopheDucamp has worked out in French.

MattisManzel: Mark, cool. We’ll figure out. I’m glad there’s a native English-speaker with it here. You do several things different. Let’s find out why.


I don’t know what I am doing, but I love this work you both are doing!

ChristopheDucamp : Bonjour Mark. We still don’t know where we go but I’m quite happy to see-you in our small Bliki-world. My implicit goal, would be to think about the future of both Blikis (and WikiFractality?) as future competitors of MySpace? currently arriving in London to [Main:Xtof/MySpaceEconomieD?%c3%a9fisNewYorkTimes conquer Europe] with a strong human and media strategy.

MattisManzel: Ok, home-page sounded like personal home-page to you and you chose front-page for the functionality. Sounds logic to me, especially for personal blikis. And front page sounds more likely to have a “blog”, a summary of recent on goings attached than home-page. This blog reflects the opinion of the community or - in case it’s a personal bliki - likely the owner’s opinion. I’d prefer front-page.

On the other hand there are quite some wikis with home-page as their head on oddwiki already. hm.

I am just playing now with organization, not sure if it will be home page of front page or FrontLawn?!

How do I get the cool pop up toolbar? How do I change to english? --MarkDilley

Think you have to get in touch with LaurentLunati?. He should be back at home next saturday – xtof

Thanks for that. About getting all of WikiIndex in a near map, that is pretty cool. I have been thinking of SwitchWiki? to do that. So we would only have to do Switch:MeatballWiki:MarkDilley to get to my page on meatball… don’t know if it would work or not, think that LocalNames by LionKimbro could work in this situation.

MattisManzel: The pop-up-bar is in the css. I copied mine from Laurent’s wiki. The one you used seems to have no pop-up-bar-yet. Just copy it over with a css of a wiki that has it.

Not FrontLawn?, please. Everything about front-lawns was said in Terminator 3 ;)

What you have as Wiki here I’d make the RecentNearChanges?. Moving the wikis to the WikiNode and display a selection of them on the merged recent near changes. 3 wikis’ recent changes merged are pretty chaotic already. It will become far better when we first have feeds from the different wikis’ “blog”-sections on their front-pages. These merged will be far more calm and informative.

Ok, I am crashing soon, thanks for this, I have been dreaming of this wiki-weblog mix we call Bliki!!

MattisManzel: my pleasure, bonne nuit.

Holy Frack!

As soon as we try to describe, precisely, why this particular thing is a center, we find that we have to invoke some kind of description in terms of other centers. In mathematics, such a concept is called recursive. Grasping this idea, and grasping the fact that this bit of understanding is a positive step forward, and not problematic, is the key to understanding wholeness. The apparent circularity here is - I believe - the crux of the problem of wholeness. The reason that deep wholeness (or life) is so mysterious, is that centers are built from centers, wholeness is built from wholeness. Wiki:ChristopherAlexander in ThePhenomenonOfLife? p.118

off of WikiFractality?. Thanks Christophe! I bought that book a few months ago, in preperation for GraduateSchool?.

This day doesn’t show up in recent day pages…. I wonder why.

Mattis showed me that you just need to make a “fake” page just before the real first one, for it to show: [[2006-04-26?]]