2006-04-29 Talk

Ok, I read somewhere how to get rid of this css (ther black and red) I want it to be back to “normal.” what do I have to do?

 Thanks to Alex for putting this on the front page of the css zen garden wiki.

Why is MeatBall? listing twice in the footer? --TedErnst?

That is an excellent question Ted, one that I hope Christophe might know that answer to, really anyone. :-)

 Looks to be solved! How?
No we were not drunk. This morning, I removed one duplicate in the NearMap (MB was appearing twice). VoilĂ  ;-) – ChristopheDucamp

That is great Christophe. Thank you. NearMap doesn’t show in the RecentChanges… hmm :-)

MattisManzel: Whao, it’s fun to see us try around with it, it’s far more inspiring than alone. More blikistas, por favor!