2006-04-30 Talk

Would like to have a FrontPage for my bliki that eould be a mix between daily updates as well as “finished” wiki pages…sorta like CommunityWiki?.

LocalNames discussion

Hope it will help to understand - [[Xtof?]]

How does that work with InterMap?

Think this has nothing to do with the InterMap. Just another way to write quickly without mentioning the site prefix. Pehraps a bit confusing ? I just think some websites don’t really nead to be on the InterMap like your [[Radio?]] and any other ones. – Main:Xtof

Why is InterMap important now that we have LocalNames?

InterMap looks important to practice some deep linking. With LocalNames, you just specify one absolute URL – [[Xtof?]]

Oh, maybe that is how this will work:

errr, nope it didn’t work…?!?

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