2006-05-14 Talk

Journaling idea, how to create a page that has date pages on it, intersperced with “foo” pages of our choice. I thought Mattis was doing this via:

<journal 30 “^\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d_Event”>

But I don’t know how it works. Anyone?

Also, I figured out that because I crunched upward the whitespace for the page titles, I also need to do something else with the css, because I am not able to link from the first few lines, anyone help with that?

Best, MarkDilley

MattisManzel: I made [Main:OddWikiCenter/HowToMakeMultipleSetsOfDayPages? oddwiki-center: how to make multiple sets of day-pages?] to explain it a bit. Havn’t understood too much of it myself. ;)