2006-08-22 Talk


At WikiSym2006 in a talk by DougEnglebert? and EugeneKim.

Ideas are about scale, after he talked about doing this work, hypertext, for 55 years. He just got funding from the NationalScienceFoundation? for the project he and Eugene are currently working on.

Scale -→ DynamicKnowldgeRepository? -→ RecorededDialouge? + IntelligenceCollection? + KnowledgeProducts?.

Mapping human capability, individual or collective, deepends upond lower capabilities.

CapabilityInfrastructure? and ToolSystem? and HumanSystem?’s.

Basic human capabilitis, sensory, perceptual, motor, mental.

Skills, knowldedge and training.

Got to be simple and early to learn. -→ as relates to UnionCapabilities?!!!

Our capabilites depend upon our augmentation systems.

Midn boggling rate and scale of technology, accelerating rate of opportunities.

Our paradigms alraeady lab well behind hpportunities.


Common Goal.

Networed Improvemnet Communities, NICs

Connecting these NICs are amazing

Euguene then talks.

Patterns community - if things are replicated, patterns and practices.

Granular interoperability.