WikiWednesday? Afternoon Notice! - AboutUsWeblog?

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A couple things:

1) Tonight is PortlandBeerWiki?.com night, Kerry Finsand will talk about his vision of organizing Portland beer drinkers!

Ward Cunningham will add some words to that as well, wiki and beer, yum

Oregonian reference

3) Pete Forsyth, Steven Walling and myself will be available to give a brief presentation to the RecentChangesCamp in San Francisco a few weeks ago. Yea!!

4) Presentation of Wikipedia Oregon Project’s new weblog

5) Also, anyone interested in salivating over next weeks Wagn launch - Connectipedia.org

As usual, feel free to self organize anything else that you would like to talk about.

Best, Mark


if you want to sign up at the official wiki wednesday list, please do so: