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John McCain? clinched the nomination in early March, but this past weekend, the web was abuzz from NY Times’ article “The Wiki-Way to the Nomination” of Barack Obama.The Wiki Way

We think that is great. Not only great, but fantastic! Not only fantastic, but continued endurance for the ideas of wiki on people and our culture.

Let’s take a look at the wiki way, from several different prospectives:


At Ward’s Wiki, the Portland Pattern Repository,(the original wiki), one of the things it says is: “Wiki feels right and that rightness can be applied elsewhere.” (source)

The fabulous Wikipedia relies on the technical side of the Wiki Way… “A wiki is a collection of web page designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content.” (source)

Here at AboutUs.org, we have spent a fair amount of time considering how The Wiki Way impacts us. Check out the values-based work we’ve done on this.

Another great aspect of the NY Times’ article is that they used a photo of Barack Obama in Portland, Oregon – our home town!

Not only was wiki invented in Portland, but the gathering of grassroots wiki folks (RecentChangesCamp) also has its roots here.

Portland is Wiki City, USA

We’re lucky to be here & luckier still that wiki is universal.

See you on the wiki!