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Well after many months, (how long has it been?) the wiki community is kicking this thing off and AboutUs is excited to be a partner in the launching of the new Universal Edit Button!

The development of this web icon and edit button is the result of many conversations and contributions over the past two years. Today’s public announcement is a tribute to the collective work by web editors, wiki enthusiasts, and Internet contributors all over the world. The turn around for this project was remarkably quick and intended to coincide with the launch of Firefox’s 3.0 browser. We want to especially recognize the work of Brion Vibber at Wikimedia for his code contributions, and Travis Derouin at wikiHow for building the extension.

For AboutUs users, the Universal Edit Button will make editing pages easier, and promote the concept of editable pages to audiences worldwide.

For me personally, it has been a whirlwind 30 hours and I am so excited to be collaborating with the many fine people in the wiki community, this has come off really nicely!!

See the post at ReadWriteWeb:Wiki Providers Come Together to Offer Universal Edit Button




I am still calling people users at this point.