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XavierMedia? Webpage Toolbar drop down menu example On June 18th - The Web Page Toolbar and UEB - both came out at the same time. Since we were pushing hard on the UEB - we temporarily missed Andreas’ great work.

Inspired by AboutUs Bookmarklet, he got more interested in creating a full service tool!

I’ve been doing some thinking since then and I figured out that I wanted some more from a toolbar, like all the web sites I use when looking up a web page I visit. … The toolbar lets you look up web sites at Alexa, AboutUs.org, BuiltWith?.com, Technorati, WebSiteValued?, Compete, Quantcast, eXavier, WayBack? machine and many more.

While Andreas was building this great tool to find out information about websites, he added into it much functionality (some still to be realized) in relation to AboutUs.org. The ability to add websites to your AboutUs watchlist, look at the history of the wiki page and even edit!

The thing that really caught our attention is that Andreas has added some links to our basic pages, our tour - WikiAnatomy?, What is Wiki?, Spotlighted Articles, Recent Changes and our weblog.

XavierMedia? Webpage Toolbar AboutUs drop down menu example

Please go and download this toolbar.

Let Andreas know what your suggestions, questions or bugs are here at the official website for this toolbar - WebPage?.nu