Hi Mark, How are you. I remember that you were advocating Wikis a few years back, on a Drupal discussion group, (I think). At that time I had no interest, such is life, things change. Now I need to learn all I can about Wikis, and I’ve made the jump to build one several months ago. Now I’m trying to figure out how to manage it.

I received your SlideShare?, AMC Presentation - Wiki Research for activists. It seems serendipity, as I’m now trying to build a TikiWiki?, at http://timebankswork.net/tiki/tiki-index.php

I wonder if you would be kind enough to Skype with me and pass on some tips and advice. My contact information is

Skype, tony.budak email, TonyBudak?@TBMW.org

Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Tony

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