Hey Laurent, do you mind if I give references to this wiki on book and author pages at other wikis. do you want to have a plan for migrating those pages to here, or would you rather I didn’t do that just yet. . . :No problem at all. Links elsewhere pointing to here, links here pointing to elsewhere is the way of the Web. Content on this Wiki is subject to the SimpleRules? of Bookshelved, to the extent that the Bookshelved community creates these rules by assenting to them; content on other Wikis is beyond our purview as members of Bookshelved. And that’s TheWikiWay. ;) – LaurentBossavit?

::ahhh, the wiki way, so refreshing!


:March 19, 2003

:January 28, 2003

:January 17, 2003

:January 15, 2003

:pre-January 15, 2003

:July 6, 2002 **It is a bit sychronistic, I have been thinking of cataloging my library into wiki. I may just start here!

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**OctaviaButler? - ParableOfTheSower? :back on my bookshelves

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:MyBookAboutMeByMeMyself? /AndHisMagazineRack