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Friends - You may not know that last year Nabisco/Mondelez moved their Chicago plant to Salinas, Mexico. Although we love our neighbors to the South, more than 600 middle-class families were devastated by this move. And I have it on good notice that several other American plants are doomed to closure. Help our American union workers by “checking the label” on your OREO, Ritz crackers, Fig Newtons, animal crackers, Triscuits and other Nabisco products and make sure you see the words: “Made in the USA” near the UPC code. If you see MS or MM in the plant identification code, set these items aside. Tell your store manager to stock only American made Nabisco products (and other companies too, while you’re at it). Have a good safe holiday and enjoy your American-made products!

Please spread the word.


If every American committed to buying $64 worth of USA-made products this year, 200 thousand jobs would be created. Are you in?