Where to start?

First of all, I came here today to post a funny and satirical piece on labor.

What I found since the last “official” front page post by Matt Noyes on June 02, 2006 was a flurry of activity that I did not know about!

First I found a frustrated plea of a reasonable request by Tony Budak - Collaborative Site check - please. Yes Tony, I am here to collaborate! (see the WorkWiki) ;-)

I follow dozens of collaborative sites. I rely on being notified through my RSS feed reader of activity. I need to have an RSS feed of all changes on CoD?. Steve Dondley is there one available?

Secondly, I found a conversation of twelve posts regarding the planning of the Labor Technology Conference. YEA!!! but dang! I would have loved following that conversation and possibly participate in it. ;-(

So what I did, as an experiment of organizing a confernce using a wiki and a weblog, was create a wiki page on the [[]] wiki.

Additionally I was interested enough to create a couple “stub” pages on the wiki, (easily I might add) for some possible wiki collaboration on the ideas: Text Messaging and Trade Unions in the Information Age Workshop

Two of the projects at the wiki that are also being thought of, in terms of collaboration, are Matt Noyes’s 50 guidelines for building an effective rank-and-file website and Toby Higbie’s LaborHistory tagging project. Please use the What the hell is wiki? page for questions.

By the way, you can follow all the wiki activity on RecentChanges, which also has an syndication feed.

In Solidarity, MarkDilley (