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1. WikiLessons? 2. Mission 3. StrategiesAndTactics 4. InstitutionalStructures 5. NetworkInitiativeRepresentatives 6. Friends - GrassCommons? 7. CouncilOfTrustees? 8. InfrastructureServices

This is an idea that’s time is NOW. And, definately a network service EFN would like to see as part of our effort to establish a comprehensive and evolving infrastructure to enable people and organizations to fulfill their visions for uplifting humanity and healing nature.

Phil, is also a friend and supporter of EFN. In fact we need to update our new Friends page to include his name, as he has previously posted his name at an earlier site.

If you peruse our StrategiesAndTactics and InstitutionalStructures you’ll find that your idea is nestled within these documents. In particular, under InstitutionalStructures you’ll find two points of focus:

1. OrganizationalStructure? 2. NetworkingServices?

There are four structures detailed within NetworkingServices?, the 2nd one is:

SharedLearningExchange? & DataCenter?

The four NetworkingServices? (so far identified) are designed to support each other:

1. Organizer services for our network initiatives 2. SharedLearningExchange? & DataCenter? 3. CompassionateCommerce?

You’ll notice that CompassionateCommerce? includes a marketplace and other services where networks could share and exchange their resources (ideas, products, currencies, research).

The aim of EFN is NOT to operate these services as an umbrella organization, moreover, our aim is to partner with more and more “NetworkChampions?”, individuals that bring their talents, services and networks together for something larger than their own interest. As such, EFN’s portals (on-line center and affiliated organizers, networks, physical outlets) would provide a space and incentives for collaboration to build upon each other’s strengths.

What you are proposing here with PeterKaroff?, ChrisCorrigan? and PhilCubeta? is exactly the type of innovation that EFN is looking to support.

What other supports, people and resources would need to come together to support an initiative like this to fit within EFN’s next steps of developing a revenue generating infrastructure?

Mark, have you made any sense of all of this yet? I’ve pretty much just ignored anything I don’t understand for the two years I’ve known Julie. My grasp on what we’re doing is more emotional than verbal or intellectual. -Ted

Mark, this first page is wonderful (now to explore more) – and so much clearer and easier to read. Ted, what don’t you grasp??? And, yes this is definately a work in progress – and only moves forward in partnership with others. Which is very emotional!

By the way, what I meant when I said I don’t grasp everything is that this thing is too big for anyone to really “get” all the details. So I’m just leaving my eyes unfocused a bit to see the big picture and will then zoom in on details as need be. When Ravi presented the 7 (or was it 8?) infrastructure pieces last time, it was within the context of getting a champion for each one and driving it forward. When these items on this page get to that point, I’ll “understand” them a lot better. -Ted