The internet time, past is the time we couldn’t figure out when to meet on a global scale. Now we just meet on KiribatiTime.

Time zone converter page.

Thinking about the idea of standardizing time across the globe - so 10am is 10am - for everyone.

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Glistening Deepwater: ‎MarkDilley, that would work, but we would need an international accord! how about just a web protocol standard time to sit alongside geographical time - to make virtuality consistent…

MarkDilley: I agree GlisteningDeepwater? - and was thinking the international date line being the canonical time. UTC / GMT might be too loaded. Heck, maybe even an international decision about it some how. Let’s see what people come up with.

Curtis Faith: We might move it to Kiribati time. The rest of western seeded civilization is destroying their entire civilization by flooding out their island. We owe them some respect and remembrance.

I do like the idea of one time. We can each make the internal adjustments accordingly. School starts at 23:45 might seem weird at first, but not for long.

It would be a great unifying theme for the generation.

Mark Frazier Why not call it “Internet Time,” with its initial intro for event scheduling?

MarkDilley: Good idea initial intro theme - I think the idea is possible because of the internet - not so crazy about literally naming it so :-). But heck! Maybe. How can we peel this idea into a new space - so as to not clutter SFW? ?

MarkDilley: or

CurtisFaith?: ‎MarkDilley The second link doesn’t work.

CurtisFaith?: Speaking of Kiribati, look at the 28th photo from space:

MarkDilley ‎@CurtisFaith? - both links are FutureLinks? - a wiki idea bludgeoned for my LinkLanguage using BitLy for now. cc @BillSietz? @SamRose? @LionKimbro etc.

From private facebook group

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The Clock: “The Clock,” Christian Marclay’s much-admired montage of TV and movie clips. Mr. Marclay edited together 24 hours worth of scenes showing the time of day, synchronized with the moment they are shown, starting at midnight.

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