MitchKapor? from [EFF] and many other organizatons

SocialProduction? - massively distributed collaboration - enourmous implications far beyond - but not singularity - mkkapor -

Believes in being hands on

Evangelizing Wikipedia although not a prolific user, but we can look up his user history.

Level playing institute founded by his wife.

Wikipedia works is like a zen thing, what is it about hteri thinking that is preventing someon from seeing it work, because it challenges a set of assumpions

can spend 45 minutes disabusing people of this usually

Actually not that odd, that people find Wiki odd, because we are products of CulturealConditioning?

UrbanGraffiti? is a “plauge”?!?!? Where is ke going with this? Vandalizme that is produced in s short time and it produces a long lasting effect. Graffitis in e,ectronic medium finds reverting easy.

New world and different afforadances.

Blogs and Wikis

What is special and differenct about wiki, blogs wehr haildes as pogreat from the begining, a certain number have become importatn, blogs are the talk radio of the internet;l series of dialogu of uttenaccesone after anther, wiki si like billard balls boutncing off each other. blogs are ab out indivdula coultrueal that are not ususally collaborative, think it is fiundabmental individual

wikis are fundamentally collaboratively.

instead of producing a 100 commnets, and in a wiki there is a synergy.

Secret sauce in wikipedia, learned from Jimmuy Wales, as a technologist I had some unlearing to do.

Secret suauce, is that wiki is a community that is bound together by shared practices and principles. Unity tha comes from of shared values. Be bold, be prepared to be edited merceilisslky, internal key values.

Learning to engage in production of articls, it is not about the technology.

it is about the community

Heartening, to hear about the current challenges, trun towards quality is incredibly important.

More quality would b good,

The drive towars linguistec inclusion.

Scalling the wikipedia, keeping the system going even thogh the scal is grwming.

Inclusiveness -

Hobbit v Africa

Signicificalnlry more aritcles about LOTR than Africa - this hasn’t bene the case in a ling time.

Jimmy said active efforts to recruit editors who have diffente viesw.

We need to search for people to include into the project.

Inclusinon issue si importatnt.

short story of himself, coaching a person whi is building a portal ceo of affican americans.

we were having a meeting in my office, when it happend some hight school kids in the oiffice, invited milton to sit in opn the meeting

help provid sime role models. he came in and sent email

I understand that you cater to black middle class, but can you help with the underprivelaged. iof he hadnl;t been at tha table his voice would nto have been even included.

Interacton design for comparison version, wiki will be more inclusive if this example has lower values to barriers to entry.

I know that peole in the tent, who have self selected. If we want people to succedd in t wikipedia, inmopriving user interaction at all areas.s

If it was up to me, it would be a major strategic effort.

What does all this have to with politics.

Politics compaared an inconvienten truth, as it relates to wikipedia, poitics as usyal is broken.


what is the problem, the pilitics of negativity log of yelling and screaming, not myuch discussion

most prdinary people feel disempowered. convential wisdom is firm, thrid party is non starter.

poilitics, which is how we govern oruselves, money , pwoere, corrub=]ption

Democracy 0 not in the selnse fo voting, but in the sense of this greate experiment.

Wikipedia is a kind of existance proof. self governing insipiration as a political momvement

-Key Attributes-

Any movement for democratic reform, it has to be the thing it is serach ing to be. The proeccss is just as important as the end

Incredibly important that thoughtful people can play an equal part with the “experts”

Politics is known for shunning facts.

It has been done before, gahndi, mlk

it would have to be about doing not talking

New tools will be very helpful. plug as a technoliogist. I thnk we need to have tools and softward that helps us argue better. online argumentation. A fair argument is importatn, not using unfair tactics

Develep communityes to construct collaborative argumentative softward.


Tehre are now easy solutions or panaseas. Don’t want to be all ok, if we can getg along, or get t hem on the wiki, difficult decisions, facts alone are insufficient to help us make dsisions.

not saying technologica answres.

FActs alone ar not sufficeint to guiode decisions., what does it stand for, what kind of world is important. people can come around common values.

This is all a work in progress. thinking about larger global issues. much to continue to learn. so muh wokr to be done.

see also [1]