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The language used on the internet is LinkLanguage. Wiki is the most fluid way to write on the web, combining words and links. With no more effort than to capitalize the first letter of a two or more word idea and you have a link in this OddmuseWiki?.

I am using BitLy to LanguageHack? for easier idea sharing - but more importantly SenseMaking? - creating shared language for easier communications - so we are not continuously in WriteOnlyMemory as a public


This idea tracks back to CommunityWiki:LocalNames

( just added it to the LinkLanguage )

website idea notes

We envision a site that offers a cross between UrlShorteners? & wiki (a ShortUrlWiki?) - the site’s community decides where a given name will point to, so today http://shortdomain/DynamicFacilitation would point to if they’re the only or best people offering training in Dynamic Facilitation. If others start offering such training, the same URL would probably be changed to point to a site listing all such trainings/trainers. This way as your writing ages on the net, your links that use this service will always point to the best site.


Value for you as an individual: easily-rememberable URLs to what you can trust will generally be the best/most up-to-date site on that subject. Tools for writing/publishing on the web such as WordPress? could have plugins so that they can easily get a named link and the “” doesn’t need to be shown.

Value for all of us together socially: creating common understanding and cross-linking related ideas and resources

Value for groups/organizations: a single URL can be updated when relevant. For example event registration, shortdomain/RegisterForRecentChangesCamp? can point to registration for the next RCC event.

note: 2002 SebPaquet? intersection of RSS feeds


Does BitLy tell you who created it? Not seeing anything like that, even when I signed in - e.g.

Frame on pass through to optionally include at bottom of page for community building.

The site’s own page for would have these fields:

We need a robust process for deciding which state a given name is in.

Dynamic web page named is valuable

Wiki syntax to specify a date on

from MarkDilley and JohnAbbe?

Invite only beta?

other link language references


( and usually you can have InterWikiLinks? - bit I am not sure that LocalNames are working here - it is! how do I add to it? - to both the original wiki and any other location you choose. )

LinkLanguage is CommonSense: “It is the language of common sense, profound and deep in its utter simplicity.”

LinkLanguageInTheWilds or InTheWilds?