Link Plus Object

Use this way to link to shared language in communities of interest

This URL structure is an idea for creating autonomous naming spaces.

Organic public spaces that are more easily used for talking in public using links (LinkLanguage)

The idea is from around 2011, talked to JohnAbbe? about it. Using BitLy is a bludgeon hack with the domain name or in wiki: LinkPlus

The real ideal is that it is a wiki and you can easily redirect to another URL, but then use something BitLy does, adds a + to the end of a link to see the page behind the page. Like a TalkPage? on WikiPedia.

AlexSchroeder checked in last year about the idea, has a real grasp of what it could be and that OddMuse could do. This is rockin!!

Also, just today was able to get the domain name to point to this page. yay!