Welcome to your new wiki - a bliki!

Warning: Nothing is permanent. Use at your own risk. We delete all wikis that have not been edited in half a year. You should migrate your wiki to another site as soon as you discover it has value. There is nothing as sad as discovering your wiki deleted, vandalized, or spammed when you return to it after a year. Don’t do it. Move it somewhere safe before you go.

For some help on setting up your wiki, see Main:Setup.

For some more in depth information on the software used on your wiki, see

To see a list of all the pages existing on your wiki, see Self:action=index. If you haven’t done anything yet, the list should be empty. To create new pages, edit an existing page and add a link to the new page. The resulting link with the questionmark will allow you to create the new page. The two simplest ways of creating links:

  1. Use mixed capitalization: HomePage → HomePage
  2. Or use double square brackets: [[Forum]] → [[Forum?]]

To see a list of the other wikis on this site, check the Main:Status page. OddWikiCenter:FrontPage is the common wiki for the oddwiki-community in English.

If you want to add a logo to every page, upload an image to the logo page, or put just the URL to your logo onto the logo page.

The RecentChanges page lists the changes on your wiki. If you edit that page, its content is shown above the list of changes. Follow the link to RecentChanges to do that.

The SideBar is used as the sidebar on your wiki. If you edit that page, its content is shown on the right of every page. Follow the link to SideBar to do that. Try it and add [Self:action=index All Pages] to your sidebar. To make it easier to modify your sidebar, consider adding [Self:action=edit;id=SideBar edit sidebar] as well.

The GotoBar is used for the links at the top and bottom of every page. The first local link is the HomePage (the default page), the second local page is your list of RecentChanges (the list of recent changes is appended at the bottom). You can use it to change RecentChanges to [[Letzte Ă„nderungen]], for example. Follow the link to the GotoBar to try it.

You can have a Calendar in your sidebar as well. Try adding month:+0 to your sidebar. If you use month:+1, you’ll get the calendar for next month. Clicking on the days will allow you to create wiki pages for them.


If you want to change the look of your site, you need to use CSS. To get started, click on the Administration link at the bottom of any page. There, you’ll find the Install CSS link. There, you can copy a known style-sheet to your css page, where you can edit it. To learn more about CSS, read the CSS specification.

This is the default content for your HomePage. When you’re done with the suggestions on this page, click on the edit link below to change it.