talk with Mattis-Manzel

MattisManzel: The homepages are cool for inserting the recent changes of the person’s bliki, later maybe the blog from the person’s bliki - that would be less noisy and more informative. Thus we have to move talk to a personal Talk page. There are the day-pages. There is lots written, new ones get created every day. A personal talk-page is different. You publically speak to one person, on a day-page you look at everybody while speaking. We have to try it and let it grow.

Hey Mattis, I am interested in playing with Bliki again - I got Lauren to change it so I can have edit right where I want it in the pop up menu. there are some conflicts, but I am generally happy with it! Best, MarkDilley

MattisManzel 2011-01-24:
Hi Mark. I’m in to play. Hi to Lauren too. Don’t remember why I dropped the popup menu actually. Let’s see.

MarkDilley 03 March 2010:
Excellent Mattis - need to understand how to follow changes here. Best, Mark