In thinking about a MaryJoyce? weblog post about MayFirst? AlliedMediaConfernce? session, I left a comment that her TakingItToTheMall? metaphor didn’t work. I was asking for some more thought into what metaphor we could use.

She likened it to an activity that I do, tweet / Facebook image posts / ideas / memes and asked if I didn’t think that worked. While that didn’t tackle what I was trying to push on, coming up with a metaphor that was more right on. It did spark some ideas from a Facebook post I did earlier in the day.

A Capitalism image depicting a starving African child and saying that 48 nations wealth were less than 3 people’s wealth combined.

I have a Facebook friend that is a friend of my brothers. I have also played fantasy football with him. He seems like a good enough person, but we have had some disagreements on facebook. This includes the image I just described above.

“It was worse before capitalism.” he says.

“If I give you that… so what? meaning… why would that be a hinderance for striving to do/be better… I would imagine that is what capitalism might have been trying to do… maybe.” I say

“I don’t think [their] comment holds water. it’s obviously a knee-jerk reaction of someone who feels guilty, but I also believe it to be untrue. Your point is great.” a friend says privately

“Good point Mark. Certainly this can’t be the best humanity can do. And being the history scholar that I am, I’m not sure that things were worse pre capitalism. In what sense were they worse? Examples?” another friend says

So I am thinking, is this post, this conversation useful, important, going to change anything? Is this TakingItToTheMall?? Exposing people outside of the echo chamber of my Facebook friends? I suppose there are lucky breaks, something will go viral, maybe. Might also be possible that slowly some people in my friend circle will start to change their attitudes towards life. I have seen it happen over several years in a weekly poker game with friends.

But I want more.

So I got to thinking about viral aspects of knowledge sharing, called memes. Occupy last fall was an example of that. How do we share together in a way that, like in Twitter - they have TrendingTopics? - we cause ideas to trend?

That way we could start TakingItToTheMall? Say media coverage was a way to measure TrendingTopics?. How would that be measured?

My initial idea to test this is the meme - CapitalismIsKillingUs

Initially, I think declaring a day when the people in the world that agree with this idea, do what we could call a RealLifeTweet - get 20 of your closest friends and each hold a giant letter for as long as you can - stand on the side walk, in the street, on the freeway, where ever.


What would happen?

These images and sayings that I share make me feel better, like I am at least documenting the horror show.

I want more.