Being a real person on the internet has the best opportunity to build trust.

However, there are many times when being yourself online isn’t the best idea. For instance doing hard core activist stuff.

There is pushback from Shoq and Karoli on this - saying it is social arrogance or elitism. I don’t think those critique hold much water.

I discovered the first wiki, PortlandPatternRepository? (in 2002 - it was started in 1995) - and it was full of people who used their real name to create something of value. You were completely anonymous or you were a real person. I imagine that through the experience of prior online communities, which fell apart or had tonnes of grief from people who could hide behind an anonymous pseudonym - the decision was made by WardCunningham to just do away with that.

I was impressed by people being themselves online - I have a hard time listening to anyone who speaks behind a pseudonym. I really just don’t have the time. I am happy if you want to create good in the world. Just do it anonymously and don’t try to build a reputation around your silly fake name.

Side note - my place of work is noted in the above weblog post…interesting.