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Added link after figuring out how at BitLy


Contemplating PublicWork?



Plan to introduce the 350 Day year, using KiribatiTime as the canonical point to start, or decide on some point together through a process. Phase One, KiribatiTime.

Days increase to 25 hours and the day starts at a rotating point (starting from KiribatiTime), and travel west one timezone each 25th hour. Start getting people on a global mindset when we have the same day.

At the end of the year, there is LongDay?, a 72 hour celebration of life.

Starting this new earth timeline should be on a significant point as well. May Day? Earth Day? What other culturally significant day can we agree upon?

2015-11-21 Blog

Hi Mark! Its Kaliya here. I saw you commenting on this and it made me smile. It also made me wonder about the project. [1]

Is a new one? an old one? How are you involved?

It would be fun to catch up.

I hope you are well.

I have had a rough two years…finally surfacing.

Smiles, = [[Kaliya?]]

It is new to me, not sure about them :-) call me! Contact


Added ToWatch



Hulu - just using it to track shows mostly.

Mobile video… thinking about how they think about usage patterns…


ToWatch - added The Last Airbender anime show


“The Workers Defense Project is not like a union — it welcomes everyone,” said Luis Rodriguez, a Mexican immigrant who sought the group’s help after he lost a finger in a construction accident.

This is a call to the IWW … to all unions … we all know that the statement above is not true. We welcome all … any of us who don’t agree with that … we gotta have a talk.



Schooled UpWorthy? about LinkLanguage today - i.e. I sent a Twitter into the Tweet-o-sphere.


Started to write RealLifeTweet


Hi Mark, How are you. I remember that you were advocating Wikis a few years back, on a Drupal discussion group, (I think). At that time I had no interest, such is life, things change. Now I need to learn all I can about Wikis, and I’ve made the jump to build one several months ago. Now I’m trying to figure out how to manage it.

I received your SlideShare?, AMC Presentation - Wiki Research for activists. It seems serendipity, as I’m now trying to build a TikiWiki?, at

I wonder if you would be kind enough to Skype with me and pass on some tips and advice. My contact information is

Skype, tony.budak email, TonyBudak?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Tony

note to self

Why did this not show up in RecentChanges?


In wiki communities, the reader is equal with the writer because the barrier to contribute is so low.


This episode of Community ends with a pretty powerful look at the worker… in the last 39.9 seconds.


PainBody? as it relates to the culture of torture that is reflected in todays pop culture - TV shows.


A term that software developers use for old untouched code is Bit Rot. That means if you aren’t using/ looking at/ updating any piece of software code - it goes rotten - who knows how it could interact with new code… I think the idea can be applied to the web.

on a side note - awesome logo here:


I created a css change that I hoped would turn the structure of time presentation from its current format: 2011-04-25 to a format that I feel more comfortable with: 25 April 2011

It didn’t work. If you know how to ChangeDateTimeFormat?, please let me know. Cheers, MarkDilley

2011-04-09 Pie Cartoon






A little about LinkLanguage through examples of BitLy’s KochBrothers data collection. Wiki needs to be the fundamental root. Should there be a community BitlyWiki??

For proof of concept I made this:



Interesting about WikiBirthday?

2011 = 16 year = 383 from RWW; 180 Bitly; 200 on WikiWikiWeb? - lots of Russian WikiPeople?
2010 = 15 year
2009 = 14 year


Need to collect my online projects that I am doing, need to do


might that be the name?

Nice to see you working here once again. – HansWobbe?


Kinda feel like - ouch - damn - I just found this????

The ArchitectureOfParticipation?



both pages for this video - highlighting different stories in the same lecture.

Follow up question, which lectures that you have heard are the BestLectures??

trying to understand css here -


Weblog Evolution

The Evolution of The Blogger


WikiDot? - I have an account there - to play with that software -

Creative Truths


Trying to figure out where to do


Ack!! I don’t want this to go away, I show this to people all the time.

This is where I will put my link to the WikiWeblog


blh blh blh


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