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2006-09-21 Talk

MattisManzel: Mark, I made wiki-net blogs, wiki-net changes, talk, blog and some changes. I got your blog included on [Main:MattisManzel/BlogPages Mattis-Manzel-wiki: blog]. How does it feel?

I hope I didn’t break any links to the day-pages. I deleted them, one could redirect to the 00-00-0000_Talk. But that clusters the full calendar

2006-09-16 Talk


TextCulture? -

uses LinkLanguage to communicate ideas. Google AboutUs to see what I mean

2006-08-23 Talk



Design Principles of wiki:

How can so little do so much?

Ward is a great speaker!!

Showing off the definition of wiki, through online enclyclopedias, getting to wikipedia.

shows how clean wikis are.

Wiki vs. Blogs

A wiki is a work made by a community. The blogosphere is a community made by its works.

Wikizens come and go - wiki stays the same.

Ward is proud that in a wiki world of adding to the features of wiki, he is taking things out. example, square brackets.

A wiki without a community stops being what you think it is.

Misunderstanding about knowledge, that leads us to enshrine our materaial.

GPL is a good wiki liscence.

Again, here we are in th open source movement. barriers created, liscences.


Design Principles of wiki:

How can so little do so much?

Ward is a great speaker!!

Showing off the definition of wiki, through online enclyclopedias, getting to wikipedia.

shows how clean wikis are.

Wiki vs. Blogs

A wiki is a work made by a community. The blogosphere is a community made by its works.

Wikizens come and go - wiki stays the same.

Ward is proud that in a wiki world of adding to the features of wiki, he is taking things out. example, square brackets.

A wiki without a community stops being what you think it is.

I think that reading and writing are important in a wiki.

Wiki Design Principles

Open, Incremental, Organic, Mundane, Universal, Overt, Unified, Pre?, Tolerant, Observable, Convergent

Talks about the decisions that he made that people love to reverse. CamelCase? is one big.

Forced people to work together by giving same name to the site.

Big discussion on SisterSites?. cool.

Observalble principle is most community feature.

The green dot, helps you divide your time.

Wikitect - who what where when and why

Question what is the fundamental of wiki? over my dead body. Answer: anything that breaks the community, so that it just becomes a content management system that uses wiki. A read only wiki,

In my opinion LoginToEdit? is problematic…

It wasn’t the wiki, but the community. IT wasn’t until the wiki was at 5000 pages until I started to talk about it (clones started) how teams should code.

Asked what he hopes the wiki ethos will accomplish, World Peace is it.

2006-08-22 Talk


At WikiSym2006 in a talk by DougEnglebert? and EugeneKim.

Ideas are about scale, after he talked about doing this work, hypertext, for 55 years. He just got funding from the NationalScienceFoundation? for the project he and Eugene are currently working on.

Scale -→ DynamicKnowldgeRepository? -→ RecorededDialouge? + IntelligenceCollection? + KnowledgeProducts?.

Mapping human capability, individual or collective, deepends upond lower capabilities.

CapabilityInfrastructure? and ToolSystem? and HumanSystem?’s.

Basic human capabilitis, sensory, perceptual, motor, mental.

Skills, knowldedge and training.

Got to be simple and early to learn. -→ as relates to UnionCapabilities?!!!

Our capabilites depend upon our augmentation systems.

Midn boggling rate and scale of technology, accelerating rate of opportunities.

Our paradigms alraeady lab well behind hpportunities.


Common Goal.

Networed Improvemnet Communities, NICs

Connecting these NICs are amazing

Euguene then talks.

Patterns community - if things are replicated, patterns and practices.

Granular interoperability.

2006-08-21 Talk

WikiSym2006 notes:

Can you shut down and restart quickly


Andrea Forte - Empowering Students - wiki as a revolutionary force in education. Georgia Institute of Technology


Documentary - Hole in the wall -

NobiticWriting? -among ourselves, family newsletter, grocery lists, etc.


Professional means that you have control over your profession

A Book of One’s Own - a study of journalers

  • Chroniclers
  • Travelers
  • Pilgrims
  • Creators

Drawing from Life.

Future of wiki:

2006-08-08 Talk


Technorati Profile

<a href=“” rel=“me”>Technorati Profile</a>

2006-08-07 Talk


Discussing [[Wikimania?]] with CharlesGentry? and he is giving me great insight on an the [[NPOV?]] issue.

The tag for disagreement is good because it flags the information for the reader to pay extra special attention and to think about what they are reading more carefully. Futher more he thinks that it could encourage people to contribute to the issue by editing content (or placement of content.) The potential is to be an active reader rather than passive on and spur on interactivity.

I also like the opposite idea, that it is a good thing that some pages don’t have the banner, because that shows agreed upon information or no known disagreements.

Can you imagine these examples:

  • The Encyclopedia Britanica:
    • Some people dispute the facts of this entry.
  • The New York Times:
    • Some people dispute the facts of this news story.
  • Fox News
    • Some people dispute the facts of this next segment.
  • Wikipedia lives this:
    • The neutrality of this article is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. or This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims. Please help Wikipedia by adding references. See the talk page for details.


2006-08-06 Talk



2006-08-05 Talk



2006-08-01 Talk

This talk at the School of Information (North Campus) looks like an interesting one on August 1. thanks Ed

Forwarded message ———- From: Gary Olson <gmo@…> Date: Jul 26, 2006 5:46 PM Subject: Special Steve Whittaker Talk Aug. 1 To: “si.all@…” <si.all@…>

Tuesday, August 1 12 noon SI North (room to follow)

Dehyping Skype: on the future of the phone (and IM)

Steve Whittaker, U. of Sheffield, UK.

Voice over IP (VOIP) is a technology that has just reached maturity - in particular with companies like Skype having more than 100 million users. In this ethnographic study I look at the use of Skype in organisations. We find (counterintuitively) that the commonly touted cost advantage of VOIP is largely irrelevant in this setting. Instead we find that users combine VOIP with IM to address some of the common problems with phone communication. This has strong design implications for the future of the phone and IM and we conclude by discussing these.

-- Gary M. Olson Paul M. Fitts Professor of Human-Computer Interaction School of Information University of Michigan 1075 Beal Avenue Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2112 e-mail: gmo@… phone: 734 763-5644 fax: 734 647-8045

2006-07-30 Talk

Hi Mark. About WikiIndex, I feel like a “victim” of spam protection.

Due to “cialis” protection, I am not able to sync content of the “Bienvenue” page with the orginal Welcome page.

The content is dropped on my bliki : . Just pick it and drop it.

I’d be interested to know more about this spam protection which seems exagerated here for this very small page ;) – ChristopheDucamp

2006-07-26 Talk

Show up it will be great!

2006-07-23 Talk

GetGive?.org for EmergingFuturesNetwork?

2006-07-20 Talk

Emerging Futures Foundation

2006-07-18 Talk

ScaryBirds? at

2006-07-17 Talk

Talking with a friend about a collaboration, one that I have only thought about, and I hear from him that he wants to make it happen, so let’s plan it:




OrgyAtTheOpera? *

OperaAtTheOrgy? *


MindOrgy? - The breakfast of champions

***** Roles:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • PhotographicStills? - alright muthafuckr [Photography]
  • DirectorsEdit? of the audience
    • This a converation between all artists
  • Who cares



2006-07-12 Talk


Evan inked this page over at CommunityWiki?: DoOcracy?

2006-07-11 Talk


PlaceShifting? via

SoftwareNeedsPhilosophers via

2006-07-09 Talk

[[O'ReillyNetwork?]] [[Wiki101?]]

BrianKerr? pulls togeather and amazing Bliki



2006-07-08 Talk


Work on writing a piece for CommunicateOrDie

Work on writing a peice on LinkLanguage for the as part of LaborUnionOrganizings:WhatTheHellIsWiki?

ConsensusPolling? is an interesting idea. BrandonCSSanders? is rolling it out over at IcannWiki?.

From LionKimbro at CommunityWiki:ThePowerOfQuestions ( ThePowerOfQuestions? )

2006-07-06 Talk


Conversation between TedErnst? and myself happened a few months ago and we worked out an idea for ordering conversation in a Bliki. The idea is to use date pages to have the conversations about ThoughtChunks, but that people could read the date pages to have a sense of the work that is going on at the Bliki

2006-07-01 Talk

Thinking about what WikiIndex can be. It can be your own [/wiki-net].

[[MarkDilley/WikiIndex]] MarkDilley:WikiIndex MarkDilley:WikiIndex [MarkDilley:WikiIndex] [WikiIndex:MarkDilley WikiIndex:MarkDilley] [WikiIndex:MarkDilley]

and can I change to french to english somehow. My apolgies if I have been pointed in that direction already.


Best, Mark

MattisManzel: Hi. Sry for over my overpresence here ;)
The blog-transclusion on my page works, I like that. To get rid of the blue background Alex did something to the css and I blindly copied it to the oddwikis I use.

2006-06-10 Talk

Why does RSS in wiki suck?

2006-06-08 Talk

Online behavior:

2006-05-27 Talk

SaveToWiki? -

Hmmm…. my “Edit this page/Tools” bar just changed back to French after being English for a little bit, anyone?

2006-05-26 Talk

Needed pages:

2006-05-25 Talk

Thinking about Mattis’ ideas on clean-linking as a new world cultural sensitivity thing…

Also OddWikiCenter

2006-05-14 Talk

Journaling idea, how to create a page that has date pages on it, intersperced with “foo” pages of our choice. I thought Mattis was doing this via:

<journal 30 “^\d\d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d_Event”>

But I don’t know how it works. Anyone?

Also, I figured out that because I crunched upward the whitespace for the page titles, I also need to do something else with the css, because I am not able to link from the first few lines, anyone help with that?

Best, MarkDilley

MattisManzel: I made [Main:OddWikiCenter/HowToMakeMultipleSetsOfDayPages? oddwiki-center: how to make multiple sets of day-pages?] to explain it a bit. Havn’t understood too much of it myself. ;)

2006-04-30 Talk

Would like to have a FrontPage for my bliki that eould be a mix between daily updates as well as “finished” wiki pages…sorta like CommunityWiki?.

LocalNames discussion

Hope it will help to understand - [[Xtof?]]

How does that work with InterMap?

Think this has nothing to do with the InterMap. Just another way to write quickly without mentioning the site prefix. Pehraps a bit confusing ? I just think some websites don’t really nead to be on the InterMap like your [[Radio?]] and any other ones. – Main:Xtof

Why is InterMap important now that we have LocalNames?

InterMap looks important to practice some deep linking. With LocalNames, you just specify one absolute URL – [[Xtof?]]

Oh, maybe that is how this will work:

    • WikiIndex:MarkDilley

errr, nope it didn’t work…?!?

WealthBondage on Colbert and Bush

2006-04-29 Talk

Ok, I read somewhere how to get rid of this css (ther black and red) I want it to be back to “normal.” what do I have to do?

 Thanks to Alex for putting this on the front page of the css zen garden wiki.

Why is MeatBall? listing twice in the footer? --TedErnst?

That is an excellent question Ted, one that I hope Christophe might know that answer to, really anyone. :-)

 Looks to be solved! How?
No we were not drunk. This morning, I removed one duplicate in the NearMap (MB was appearing twice). VoilĂ  ;-) – ChristopheDucamp

That is great Christophe. Thank you. NearMap doesn’t show in the RecentChanges… hmm :-)

MattisManzel: Whao, it’s fun to see us try around with it, it’s far more inspiring than alone. More blikistas, por favor!