As far as I can tell, for me at least, Troy Davis is the most public execution I have ever experienced. I definitely have felt pain in the news, through war, terrorism and accidents. This is the first time I will experience the heel of the state in a capital punishment case, so personally and so publicly.

I am watching the #TooMuchDoubt stream on twitter to gauge how many people know about it and are publicly vocal. And it feels like a lot. Something like 10-20 a minute are tweeting about this and it is the night before. That pattern continues, hours before hand.

I am apt to agree with this headline: US execution puts death penalty on trial, in so far as that if the state successfully carries out its intentions - many people will be hurt and angry - hopefully that will lead to the repeal of the DeathPenalty?.

As with most cases, like this, of injustice. There is no BargainingTable?. We must organize for strength. Let us pray that it is in time.