Five Awesome Union Songs That We Love - well, I knew one or two…

Dropkick Murphys “Which Side Are You On?” ( and “boys on the docks”) (Florence Reese)

Hazel Dickens and sung by “Dry Branch Fire Squad” called “Blue Diamond Mines” [6] (covered by Johnson Mountain Boys too)

“Up The Union” by the Street Dogs and they covered “There is Power in a Union”

Pete Seeger version of “Which Side Are You On?”

Old Crow Medicine Show’s cover of “Union Maid”

Red Kate [7]

James McMurtry? s can’t make it here anymore

Woodie Guthrie, he was the working man’s poet. Woody Guthrie "Vigilante Man." From the 1975 documentary: “Brother Can You Spare a Dime.” Footage from Bonus Riots of 1932, San Francisko General Strike 1934, Republic Steel Strike Nazareth

“Oney” by Johnny Cash

“Which Side Are You On” by Billy Bragg, a 1984 redo of the old Florence Reece song. Also listen to “Take ‘Em Down” by Dropkick Murphys from their Going Out in Style disc. I also like John McCutcheon?’s “Labor Day” and Justin Townes Earle’s “They Killed John Henry.”

Pist’n’Broke-Dortmunder Union Boys

Ella Mae Wiggins? [8]

The Waco Brothers: [9]

Hazel Dickens’ They’ll Never Keep Us Down belongs on this list. [10]

“The Chemical Worker’s Song”.

Part Of The Union by The Strawbs

Union Made. Hard Grace is thier album. It’s Punk/Hardcore from Montreal. Union Made - Union Made [11]

1915 by Anit-Flag is another good one. The song memorializes the union activist Joe Hill (author of “There is Power in a Union”), who was executed in Utah essentially for his involvement in unionization. The song ends with an exert from one of Hill’s poems [12]