The page title for this idea is intentionally wrong. It is actually wiki-net I believe. But I probably wont remember that when I am typing about it. Hopefully that will change - I am sure MattisManzel would appreciate that. Here is an IRC convo that I wanted to capture to help me remember to ask him to give me the high level vision of his wiki-net.

mattis^: total fun, every day pop up new wikiwiki pages and I spend the day including them all.
mattis^: some silly dicussion about something might help to point out that this is a wiki and not only an aggregator maybe …
MarkDilley: mattis^: some day I would like to spend time with you understanding the whole system - and if you have a one page write up that would be good to
mattis^: making a day page set presenting the current state of the feed djungle in a FreeMind? pic I thought … Best would be if it depicted the current state automatically, reading the feed stucture of the wiki. Imaginable?
mattis^: Watching the pics of the current feed djungle in the neighboring wikis in the wiki-net …
mattis^: overlaying these to see differences …
mattis^: running feed-structure-wikis with the currently feed structure commonly just for other wiki to compare themselves to, one for city-wikis, one for educational-wikis, etc.
mattis^: currently best feed structure, sorry
mattis^: + cracking up the “only the admin can edit feeds, who’s a friend, who to follow”-problem with a whoisi-like piece of software that allows everybody to change certain things when having answered a captcha. Whoisi was t h e thing! Gone unfortunately.
mattis^: zeus you remember that idea? I enter the passwords, the software does the rest. Likely against TOS’s of many services, imaginable non-the-less.
mattis^: example: I do no like that the user account for a wiki follow s person wz524z. I click edit friends, I answer a captca and I can add or remove one friend.
mattis^: btw this will only work when there’s 1.) a community and 2.) everybody can monitor changes easily on different levels.
mattis^: well, cut 1.). I’d work if I - not logged into any of the services - could monitor feed changes easily. Just as it does with ordinary wiki spam. No feed-spam. Promised.
mattis^: a cptcha a day keeps the spam away