Trunk allows you to mass-follow a bunch of people in order to get started with Mastodon or any other platform on the Fediverse. Mastodon is a free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network.

If you click on one of the lists below, you'll see a page full of people that volunteered to be on that list. Yeah, people. Our goal is to connect newbies with people. The only exception we have is our list of Organizations. All the other lists are about people. Click to see their timelines and follow them. We hope this helps you find some new people to follow.

Please remember that we're all human and interests change and nobody promised to either be an expert on these topics or to be posting exclusively about these topics. And of course, people change, or leave. 🙂

If you want to read about one or more of these topics, all you have to do is click on the various lists linked below and follow the people on these lists.

If you write about one or more of these topics and think that people wanting to read about the topic might benefit if they followed you, consider volunteering for a list. If you don't usually post in English, consider the Spanish Trunk.

If you want to follow a large number of accounts at once, maybe check out pytrunk, a tool from @will. It uses Trunk's API and gives you a simple interface to decide whether or not to follow an account displayed in your browser. It lets you check who's active, what kind of content they post, you can define a max/min follower count, and a lot of other stuff!

Note that you cannot volunteer other people. People have to volunteer themselves. Please encourage them to contact one of the administrators!


If you want to be removed from a list, or if you'd like to see a new list, or if you have any other questions and concerns, contact one of the administrators via Mastodon.

As Trunk and the number of requests is growing, we kindly ask you to mention just one of us. Thank you! 😅


We do not store any credentials. We don't store your IP numbers. Our web server also doesn't store IP numbers.

The Lists

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