People on this list like to post about animals. This might include a lot of cat and dog pictures! 😀

If you're posting pictures about spiders and the like, please don't forget your content warnings. 🙈

Also, if you're into spiders, perhaps you are interested in the Exotic Pets list?

Below are some people for you to follow. If you click the first button in order to follow them all, Trunk creates a list called Animals for your account and puts the people you're not already following into this list. If you already have a list with the same name, don't worry: you can have lists sharing the same name.

If this doesn't work for you (and unfortunately I've had quite a few such reports 😓), then you can still go through the list one by one and follow each person individually.

And if you'd like to be on this list, send us a request. 🙂

Follow Animals

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