I just saw on the AtomEnabled Web site a link to an article by someone who atom-enabled PikiPiki.

Interesting stuff. I have mixed feelings about Atom -- I think it's just a half-baked WebDav -- but it's interesting to see this happening.

Along those lines, I've made a gateway server that allows a third-party to atom-enable any wiki whose engine is compatible with WikiGateway (currently UseMod and MoinMoin; maybe OddMuse, I haven't checked).

The Atom <--> Wiki gateway server allows a third party to set up a gateway server which allows users to read and modify a wiki via the Atom protocol. All without touching the code of the WikiEngine or even having admin access to its server. This provides a mechanism to make wikis Atom-interoperable without modifying the code of the various WikiEngines.

So, for example, if a user wants to edit a page on AtomWiki, they can send the edit via Atom to a third party Atom <--> Wiki gateway server. The gateway server then makes the desired edit to the wiki (via the usual HTTP/edit form user interface).

In the long run, I think the WikiEngines should provide these services themselves, but until then, we can use gateways. (This is SideSystemsFirst. -- LionKimbro)

more information and a demo.

re: Atom vs. WebDAV; I feel the same way, right now I don't see why we need Atom when we have WebDAV. I asked the Atom folks to explain it on this page and on the atom-syntax list, but didn't get many responses. But people seem to be excited about Atom, so why not support it.

-- BayleShanks

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