Could someone who knows fix up the WikiBlackList, please. I don't get it. – MattisManzel

What do you mean? As far as I can tell, the WikiBlackList is the description one particular person chose in order to fight WikiSpam. It hasn't attracted much discussion, however. If you want to "fix" it, you would have to discuss it: Who maintains the list? How do ordinary users get to edit the list? What's the process? Just like the BannedContentDiscussion, I guess.

I see a page about how it could be done, zack, and I think it's already implemented. Tststs (maybe the spammer removing things thought the same). Just like the BannedContentDiscussion, I guess, yes. The WikiSpam problem is still there, its advantage is that there is pretty good reason to go d'accord on a wikilandia-wide level to handle it. Both is important: forming nuclei which act, de-spam, like I proposed on SpamBusters, and preparing a structure, mechanismns, "programming" a common wikilandia-wide network to interact, to be flexible, to defend our contents, wikilandias contents, ouselves-online against spam and whatever else there might come.

And as I'm still a bit of a troll (and there's a troll soul in all of us) and therefore we're all a bit oversensitive: We are all ordinary users. We all have a door to enter. We have admin structures empowering certain people to certain things others can not do because our nice little open free wiki thingy is not yet decentralized (like free-net, guess I said that somewhere before). But wise as we are we "practize" already for the moment when it will finally belong to everybody in the same way and try to pretend it is like that already now and whereever possible. Amongst all of us ordinary people there are some spammers. Because of this fact we have to take means to keep our workshop operational and to de-spam pages and ban spammers. There is nothing bad about that, spammers and trolls are part of the big, yggdrasil, the worldtree. You live with them or you're out. Like bacteria and viruses. You develop a working autoimmune system to permanently deal with micoorganismns (24/7, no lunchbreaks or whatever) or you're out. This is basic intelligence for every living creature, the HiveMind included.
To create such an autoimmune system, blah, SpamBusters, blah, blah…
End of trollpost.