(somebody mentions the word wiki...)
01:30 * foo perks up about wikis.
01:30 <kensanata> favorite word of the month, eh?
01:30 <kensanata> "to perk"
01:31 <kensanata> actually, it would be nice if we had some feedback on
    "attention" when speaking on irc.
01:32 <kensanata> assume, for example, that three people are interested in
    wikis, and they highlight the keyword in erc.  then, as i mention wiki, i
    see that three people are interested, maybe using some text messages, or
    some subtle color changes in nicks.

Small steps towards OverHear?

Maybe supporting IRC clients could use a "control channel" for meta communication. Much like IRC currently sends away messages via normal channels, we could send more info via control channels, such as let people know we're interested in "wiki", "sql" and "mule". Then other supporting IRC clients would know who's interested in what and could give us appropriate feedback.

Use #emacs-meta for #emacs, for example?

We've been planning to do just that;

I stopped working on DingDing? v4 because I realized it'd be so much easier to just ride on top of IRC.

The major benefit of using IRC is that you have a zillion security controls that have evolved over a decade and a half of intense battle.

I'm also thinking about using Jabber.

(testing calendar markup)

month:2004-08 month:2004-09 month:2004-10


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