2004-10-27 fr

LaurentGloaguen songe à une solution wiki pour accueillir les blogueurs de ParisCarnet. Que lui recommander ? Peut-on lui recommander de s'installer ici avec une PageFaisceau dédiée pour essayer le WikiBlog ?

I'm not sure we want particular projects on this wiki. If they add generally useful pages on blogging in French, they're welcome. If they then use the date pages to plan a meeting or something like that, they're welcome as well. It depends on what exactly they will add. What do you think?

Thanks for answer Alex. I think Laurent is a really smart guy and will be cool enough to be quiet with this small and quite interesting french blog community. Even if most of them know a lot about socialsoftware, wiki remains unknown. I've not really discusssed with Laurent about that but could do it during the next meeting. He could be interested in installing and hosting his own wikiengine ? I just recommended him to test OddMuse and even CommunityWiki. I really think OddMuse could be a smart solution to make them discover and maybe switch to wikiblogging. He is free to make his own choice ;-) The problem is remaining : BeaucoupTropDeMoteursWiki even "en LangueFrançaise" :-)

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