I need more practice in making diagrams. After HowWikiWorks and WikiWay, I'd like to pick up something else. Something useful for other people. These kinds of diagrams are good for posters and for teaching. Any ideas?

Maybe we could try and pull the remaining things of the WikiPatternLanguage into diagrams. But new diagrams don't have to focus on wikis… I'm open to other things we've been talking about.

Maybe Lion wants to put the diagrams we already have onto the CommunityWikiBlog?

BTW, I took the opportunity to uncluster the wiki pattern language pages. I think that page clusters are either not useful, or they are only useful for off-topic pages. We should pick up that discussion again. And when you're all convinced of my opinion, I shall disable page clusters. :)

I'll want to check our discussion on it, but I believe I agree.

As for diagrams:

There's hardly a subject in the world that does not deserve a good diagramming.

I habitually look for "non-fiction" comics in the comic store; It's rare that I find anything beyond Visual:ScottMcCloud or Visual:LarryGonick. Uh, well, one exception- there's a comic on bees out there somewhere, that I thought was really awesome. And there are really cool diagrams in books that the Visual:TransnationalCollegeOfLex puts out. But beyond that, there's very little out there.

Anyways. I don't know; I've been busy working on Local Names, and haven't been writing much here lately. My name is down for finishing DreamsOfWiki.

I'm happy to put up our new diagrams on the CommunityWikiBlog. I can do that tomorrow.

Hm; I always want to make a TimeStampedMap. Speaking of which, I have an idea for that page.

Lying in bed yesterday, I started a sketch of a diagram on WikiFounding.