I love the OddwikiOrganisationImage.

I think the robot in the middle is a little misleading, but I basically like it. (I wish that the automatic spam protection were explained a little more mechanically, but it's a small complaint.)

WikiHeaven? rocks.


The robot in the middle is the collection of scripts I wrote. I basically wanted to illustrate that we're doing "hands-off" administration, automating a lot of tasks instead of doing it ourselves. Maybe a host of little robots would be better. Migration could be triggered by a little robot that is controlled by users instead of being run by the big robot controlled by the administrators.

I'd like to explain spam protection – but how?

Types of arrangements:

  • HierarchicalBucketsOfLists? – like DMOZ, FreshMeat, formal ontologies, taxonomies in general.
  • MentalMnemonic? – TextSearch? (like Google,) LinkLanguage systems (such as WikiLinks? and LocalNames,) and TagSystems? (the latest tagging craze) rely on the accessibility of "the word is just right there in my head."
  • VisualGrouping – what I want to talk about in a second.

Does anyone think this is worthy of a wiki page? Are there five million arrangement systems under consideration? (If so, no wiki page.) Or are there a finite number? (If so, wiki page.) If it's a wiki page, what's it called? TypesOfArrangment??

I don't want to get to specific, and am happy to lump the DeweyDecimalSystem? in with HierarchicalBucketsOfLists?.

At any rate. What I want to talk about is visual grouping.

Which I'm doing on another page.

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