I propose we make a blog entry containing the conference announcement (“Call for Participation” and onward) that I just posted to OnlineDeliberationConference.

Agreed. I’m going to see if I can go as well.

They should know about OverHear. :)

Bayle, do you want to write up the text?

Really, I just want to give you the password to the blog.

Awesome!! I hope you can make it!

Sure, I’ll take the password. Just email it. I’ll post blog entries which I notice and which have been sitting around for a day or a couple of days (to give the community a chance to edit or reject them).

I was thinking of just posting the whole CFP, but if you think that’s too long, how about something like:

This conference may be of interest:

2nd Conference on Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice

(DIAC 2005)

May 20-22, Stanford University, California


Here, “deliberation” means reasoned discussion or formal debate. See "Overview" on the conference website for a more in-depth exposition on exactly which topics are OnTopic.

They are soliciting submissions of papers, demo proposals, and workshop proposals until March 15.

This conference is a follow-up to “Developing and Using Online Tools for Deliberative Democracy”, a two-day seminar which was held at Carnegie Mellon University in June, 2003. Here's three people’s notes from the 2003 conference. The flavor at that conference was academic/sociological and also e-democracy/activist. Although “democracy” is not in the title of this year’s conference, I expect that the organizers will be most interested in projects and research related to:

A maximum of 300 people will be allowed to attend the conference. So register now!

See also CommunityWiki:OnlineDeliberationConference for discussion. If a bunch of us are going, we should think about jointly submitting one or more workshop proposals.

I like it!

Another issue is this:

  • I like posting images.
  • I think we all like images here.
  • But I’m clogging RecentChanges with my images.

Alex, can you do some magic to make uploads go into a special cluster?

You were talking about revoking clusters. We’ve found one cluster that’s very useful though: DeletePage?.

Perhaps UploadPage? will be just as useful?

Revoking clusters? I dunno about that…

Remember that we’re still a small, fairly low-traffic wiki. Clusters1 will be more and more useful as we get larger over the years. Hopefully, we’ll be able to avoid our RecentChanges ever getting as crowded as MeatBall’s was about a year or two ago.

Yeah, I could implement something like an automatic cluster for uploaded files. On the other hand, I really like to see changes at a glance, so I suggest we first wait a week or two and check whether this is really a problem. Right now, I don’t feel overwhelmed by the number of entries.


1. although I’m still in favor of just filtering by category, instead of “clusters”; CategoryFilteredRecentChanges

Define external redirect: UploadPage DeletePage

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