Making the list of pages for CategoryWikiProcess, I wanted to add:

…but then I realized, "Wait, no, that's not explicitely about wiki." And it isn't.

It really should be part of CategoryOnlineCommunity.

And then looking over the pages on CategoryWikiProcess, I see that a lot of these ideas would fit in well with a CategoryOnlineCommunity. Or at least, they could be, if we generalized just a hair.

For example, WikiTopicalScope- isn't topical scope a property of most online communities? Don't they all struggle with this?

And: DegreesOfEditorialControl. Well, maybe that one's unique to wiki. But there's something about the three divisions that I find good analogy for, in other communities as well.

So, I'm thinking about the fate of this category.

For now, though, those things should all be CategoryWikiProcess. They are explicitely about wiki.

Perhaps we should make CategoryOnlineCommunity. From the CategoryWiki page, we'd say, "Many situations that are encountered in wiki are general to online community. See CategoryOnlineCommunity, as well."

Also, it's clear a lot of these are primarily about how to organize content within and between wiki. I'm not updating those pages category tags yet- because I think we're going to have something like: CategoryOrganizingPages?, and perhaps something like that. These are not CategoryInformationManagement, because that's more general- this is a very specific thing we work with in greater detail.

Writing CategoryWikiProcess, I also bump up against pages like SocialPage?. When we think about it, the various diferent types of pages, and even things like DocumentMode and ThreadMode, are intricate processes.

Thus, it appears that the category is pregnant. It's ready to burst at the seams, to abuse Emile's favorite analogy.

That's okay, though. We can collect pages there, and then as we recognize the constellations, we can blow them out.

Alex, I believe that this process of categorizing the pages will fulfill the dream of the WikiPatternLanguage organization map. (I've been mining it while making this page.) I've already GraphViz?'ed the Category graph once, (about a week ago,) and I think you'll like the output. I know I did! I can't wait to add the new categories to it.

Hm… I need something for RapidIdeaEntry, and MicroContribution. They are sort of like CategoryDiscussion, but they aren't really. They are a type of communication (ThinkTalkAct, they are Talk) that happen in wiki,

On the subject of CategoryDiscussion, there is TopicCompetition between CategoryDiscussion, CategoryDecisionMaking, and CategoryConflict. While, in theory, we could closely draw the lines between them, I feel that it would be worth it to just absorb CategoryDecisionMaking into CategoryDiscussion and CategoryConflict whole-sale. MicroContribution would fit well with CategoryDiscussion. OldProblems easily fits into CategoryConflict. SimpleThingsFirst is- so amazingly general- I think it should go into: CategoryEverywhere?. (..! This is tongue-in-cheek.) WikiBasedDecisionMaking is, similarly, CategoryConflict. PropositionNet goes into the to-be-formed CategoryDebate?. AnewGo is for CategoryOnlineCommunity. WikiVoting goes into CategoryWikiProcess.

I realize a lot of things, organizing ideas. It's always neat to see the top-down view of your thoughts crystalize out. I realize new things when I do it. And I feel my thinking becomes sharper, because I have a map in my mind of how to situate ideas I encounter.

Reminder to self: When I create CategoryOnlineCommunity, stick ContentAndCommunity, ContentOverCommunity, and CommunityOverContent, in there.

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