Proposed blog posts


A few of us are getting excited for WikiSym '05 (Aug 16-18, San Diego, CA, USA).

Some of us are taking a van together to and from the conference.

Institute for Better Execution of Speculative Ideas

IBESI is a new virtual institute whose mission is to reverse the trend toward a shrinking middle class in developed countries.

Second life and virtual reality for software development

Recently some of us, especially LionKimbro, have been checking out the SecondLife virtual reality environment and talking about a DevelopersVirtualWorld (a Second Life-like environment for collaborative software development).

Lion has also started a discussion comparing Second Life and Croquet: IsCroquetSecondLife


LionKimbro has written a BeginnersGuideToCommunityWiki.


LionKimbro, previously a believer in the SideSystemsFirst development philosophy, has now begun arguing in favor of PlatformsFirst. BayleShanks argues for SideSystemsFirst.

BrandonCsSanders' CommunityWikiProgrammingProjectPriorities

BrandonCsSanders has added his CommunityWikiProgrammingProjectPriorities to the list.


WebAnnotation and related pages are being refactored.


Perhaps we could give a little more information in the IBESI section?