2006-01-23 fr

10 minutes meeting this morning with StephaneGigandet (Viabloga programmer). Talked on the opportunity of FeedSplicing mixed with PlainLink.

I just built a first test of mixed feeds found in our SideBar. In the future, we could choose our keywords to be detected in the contents we published. But I have to check first with Stephane why this salade does not work for the moment.

Let me know if you want any personal login/pass administrateur or remove your feed. I've opened an admin PublicAccount. (If you understand french : login = ComptePublic et pass : dasaple)

Connected blog project : http://communitywiki.viabloga.com/

Neat! I set something up like that too elsewhere, but I forget where it was, and it didn't look as nice.

For some reason, it looks really chaotic, though, in a way that (say) http://planet.gnome.org/ does not. Why is that? … hmm… Need to think about it for a few.

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