My computer situation is as such:

  • On Feb 9, the SpeakEasy? technician will come, and DSL will be restored. – Tech came this morning, changing IP addresses back today, hopefully up by tonight.

Working on it on: RecentChangesCamp2006Report

Many things I realized and want to write about: GeekHealth, IntegratingImagination?, MetaphysicalCode, BlendedTechnology?

Really, though, this was just a flood of ideas and decision making. It was really amazing.

Ooo, IntegratingImagination? and MetaphysicalCode, look interesting ! =)

As for the FreeGames? wiki, I'm all for the transfer to OddMuse, the SideBar is definitely a plus.

I'll write a RecentChangesCamp2006Report, from the perspective of a CommunityWiki member. :)

IntegratingImagination? I want to be about the challenges and benefits that come from integrating imaginative activity (in otherworldly ways) into our lives.

MetaphysicalCode is a crazy idea I had, in line with IntegratingImagination?: What if you architected code not on functionalist lines, but on metaphysical lines? Can you write an email client software basis architected around (say) air, water, fire, and earth? I've actually put some thought into that last one, and believe the answer is: "YES, you can, and it results in a very different product."

It actually came out of some thoughts from a paper I was given at the EvolutionarySalon, that had some pretty radical ideas on technology that I believe I can pull some sense out of.

I certainly sympathize with the idea of Metaphysical Code; I believe there are a lot of interesting patterns and symbols to be extracted from stuff like Tarot cards, Hindu Cosmology or "Magic systems" in games. More than just the metaphors - strong symbols that speak to our imagination. I don't think of programming as planning or logistics, but rather as magic or spell-weaing. Or at least, I believe there's a lot of potential in there for crazy exciting stuff.

(disclaimer: I don't believe in anythng "supernatural", and tend to be quite suspicious of new-agey stuff. But heck, I was born in San Francisco, some of that stuff just won't go away …)

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