Some quotes from the excellent Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace, by DanahBoyd?:

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I know next-to-nothing about MySpace. Are there ideas in there that we, as adults, would find useful?

I have a hard time just mining the paper, since it's so much about teen life, which I have incredible difficulty relating to, now that I'm 29.

Working to ask myself "what collaboration ideas are there in here" is hard, when I'm deluged by attempts to construct in my mind what teen life must be like, now that it's 2006.

I just keep trying to connect Aptos High School, 1990-1995, with a world with MySpace, and it's like: "Does not compute."

Well, I'm 32, so what can I say? I don't use MySpace, either. Stuff we've talked about before on Meatball: ImportanceOfIdentityInOnlineCommunities. But beyond that, I thought the following ideas important: Public spaces are controlled spaces for a large segment of today's population. Subculture happens at the fringes of controlled space. Perhaps tools need to take this into account and allow the building of at least semi-uncontrolled spaces (like Oddwiki does, for example). I also liked how the problem of creeps is being handled. And I thought it was important to understand the function of “hanging out” for identity building even for non-teenagers (eg. in the context of IRC).

Plus I think it is important to understand teens, because they'll be the next users.

Here's one for you. :)


It's a series of sketches based on the theme of MySpace.

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