2006-02-26 en

This week we've been making little changes and edits to OrganizedCulture, CivilSociety (new), HiveMind, ProjectSpaceNetwork, LinkLanguage, HyperSocial, CyberneticEconomy, and clarifying to ourselves what these terms mean, and what the differences between them are.

We've also been discussing the philosophy of the MindBodyProblem. On KnowledgeIsBasedInTrust and WhatKnowledgeDeservesTrust, we've been discussing epistomology seen in terms of a trust network (and there's a little bit of the MindBodyProblem discussion on WhatKnowledgeDeservesTrust as well).

Lion went crazy, and made the "FiveWorldsMandala," as part of his effort to help IntegrateImagination for greater GeekHealth. It looks like he has his InkscapeToOddmuse script working again.

Alex worked on WebServerSetup, a diagram used to explain how the Apache web server and the OddMuse wiki engine go together.

We've also been talking a little bit about the SideBar (see SideBarDiscussion).


I propose to put this on the FrontPage. CommunityWikiPolling: BayleShanks :) LionKimbro :) ChristopheDucamp :) EmileKroeger :)

Agreed. I've done some minor reworking.

I took the heading off on the top, ("Digest,") because doesn't the aggregator thingie keep only everything up to the first heading?

… except when the page starts immediately with a subtitle, in which case the subtitle is skipped. :)

As for the FrontPage, I must confess that I didn't read many of the pages listed. I like FiveWorldsMandala very much, however!

We don't need you to read it, we just want your approval..!

(Just, for going forward, you know?)

Just do it! :D No need to wait for everybody's approval…

How about if there is a frontpage proposal, it "passes" UNLESS anyone disagrees? Only if there is at least one disagreement do we have to poll.

Anyone know who zhangyunfeng is? He appears to be a Python coder in Harbin, China, who thinks our wiki is cool. :)

Hello Zhang Yun Feng! (Do I have it right?)

Emile, do you know him?

Also an EmacsWiki guy, apparently. (Alex?)

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