This article won’t have any new information for anyone here, but it mentions some stuff that we talk about:

Scan This Book!

Specifically, it talks about how:

  • it is technically possible now (or soon) to have a universal, portable library with every book every written.
  • one of the biggest effects of this will be to allow access to information in poorer regions of the world.
  • the nature of a “book” may change when it is possible to annotate and hyperlink other people’s books, and about how bits of content from different documents might be mixed together (see also TransClusion, MobileContent)
  • copyright law is what is currently holding us back.

Kinda neat that this is in New York times magazine. Maybe it will make the motivations of us OpenContent folks a little clearer to mainstream people.

By the way, sorry I haven’t been around for awhile. As I mentioned briefly on my LiveJournal, I’ve had a lot to do in lab, and it will probably remain like that for awhile. I haven’t even been checking RecentChanges very often. If anyone’s in the mood for summarizing, though, perhaps more frequent FrontPage entries would be nice :)

This seems somehow soupish to me: structured blogging

Bayle, I miss you. :) The big news with me is CommunityRepository. I’ll see about getting it to the FrontPage. ;)

I’m reading “RainbowsEnd.”

It’s pretty wild..!

By the way, I’m a bit “away” these days too, I’ve got a thesis to write :P But things look interesting! :)