First: Apology.

I haven’t dedicated even a part of the time to CommunityWiki that I’ve wanted to.

I feel stretched. I’ve been working out multiple projects here at home, that I’ve been meaning to get to for ages. Nothing is enough. I have far more projects than time.

I divide my projects into two categories lately: “Big,” and “small.”

Big: [[Local_Names?]]

Small: Things that take 2 weeks.

Sadly, this has meant:

Non-existant: Posting on CommunityWiki.

I am, right now, stealing time from my various projects & responsibilities, just to hammer out this brief message.

That said, I’ve been trying to catch up, and reading the various ideas. I thought I would briefly comment on a few of them.

  • WikiNet” – I am glad to see BlogControlledByWiki, WikiNodes, and RecentNearChanges? rolled up into a single vision, “WikiNet.” The software to back it up does not exist yet, but it is not difficult to write. What is required is (A) a spider, to traverse the WikiNodesNetwork?, and (B) some guidelines, so that the spider can pick up RSS feed information. From there, you can make a webpage that publishes a summary of what the spider has discovered, and so on. Then, you can make a number of applications that allow you to visualize the network, to quickly navigate it, to collect statistics, and so on, and so forth. This is a course that can tangibly lead to the first visualizations of the ProjectSpaceNetwork.
  • Another thing about the WikiNet, is that it should be communicated with the people working on WikiOhana.
  • Which, incidentally, I think is a good “Inter-Community Brand,” an Idea that I hear Christophe emmanating. I think it’s a wonderful idea.
  • I’m happy to chip in if any of you are doing a project that requires some money. I’m in a better financial state now than I was a year ago.
  • Sam: I’m sorry, I just don’t “get” WebAssistant?, and I’ve looked at it several times. It seems to be a log of tagged pages, that are connectable to one another.
  • WikiThinkTank: Please see "The Forum Foundation," and "The Leadership of Civilization Building." These folk have been working on a very similar vision, with great patience, focus, time, resources, contact, and so on. If you are serious about the vision of WikiThinkTank, it is impossible that you do not talk with members working at the Forum Foundation. I learned about it at RecentChangesCamp, when Dick Spady himself, (a famous figure here, in Seattle,) very humbly asked me for my attention, and asked me to read his book, which he gave to me for free. These people are very serious, and if I understand what you are talking about here, are working on exactly the program you are talking about.

Damn. I have to sleep. That’s so irritating.

Lion, I’ll chat with you abou WebAssistant? some other time, if you want. But, I am really interested in what you are saying here about WikiNet.

Also interested in Forum Foundation, and what they might contribute to the concept of WikiThinkTank. (both of those are burning issues for BarCampBank).

Thx, lion for the WikiNet feedback, “the software is not difficult to write” is music in my ears, you can imagine. Um beso.


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