I’m sorry for the many outages these days. It seems that our server is running out of disk space every now and then, which essentially closes shop.

I’m not complaining too much, because it is a non-profit run by two nice guys costing only USD 2 per month, however…

I think many of us would be willing to contribute if you ever wanted to move to a commercial host.

Well, I’ll be donating another $75 this year, and hoping that my sites get moved to the new machine they’ll be buying soon. 😉 My previous experience with commercial hosting has been less than satisfactory (at $20 per month), so I’d only make such a move if a group of people convinced me. There’s shell access, cron jobs, Perl modules … a lengthy list of requirements I have personally…

Maybe if we all also donate, and ask them to please move you to the newer machines…?

I found a really good deal with http://futurehosting.biz/ who will provide you with an unmanaged debian vps for $14.95 a month. You can install anything on it, shell access, etc. I have never had an outage with them yet (and I have had frequent outages with Media temple). Not that I think you should switch to futurehosting, as they’re pretty far away from you. Just thought I’d mention them, because they are so damn good.

I am more than willing to contribute in any one of a number of different ways.

Lion and I discussed some aspects of this while we were meeting and quickly generated quite a few alternatives. I don’t have the time just now to produce an outline, but I’ll certainly try to do so while my current trip continues and will post more as soon as I can.

Alex: Do you havfe a list of your ‘needs’? If so, I can start checking what I may be able to contribute, that you actually need.

One quick idea Lion and I chatted about is that it might be good to have a complete “mirror” site for CW and for the Oddmuse Blikis. This would allow me to make blikis available to other associates without worrying that I might rudely overload Alex’s resources.

Hans, Lion mentiond briefly to me that you have some interest in setting up a OddWiki hive. I wouldn’t mind discussing that with you, if it is something you’re interested in doing. I like the idea of a “mirror” OddWiki WikiHive for our communities, for specific purposes. That is what I have been doing with OpenBusinessModels WikiHive.