2007-03-10 HwoToDo


This section of this page includes transclusions, both <include …> & <aggregate …>s, framed by HRs. These transclusions are being supressed for the moment as aprt of isolating some rendering problems. Specifically …

This segment of the page shows that an external transcluion, into a Cw page’s initial section that is used via an <aggregate …> action, works!

startOf from bliki ...

... endOf from Bliki

‘’Edit.TransClusionHwoTests’’ ‘’’TransClusionHwoTests’’’

  • This first page segment will appear as an ‘’’Abstract’’’ in any page that names the page in an <aggregate …> action (e.g. HansWobbe).
  • Note that …
    • the “Learn more …” makes it possible to simplify the standard headings used in the bliki.
      • This may remain unused in order to maximize raw text portability.
    • the …?action… strings can be stored externally, making goToAndEdit a single click.
    • this transclusion does break the included Calendar markup.
      • investigate if this can be fixed by simply changing the sequence.

== end of TransClusionHwoTestsAbstractSegment /. ==

||’’EditThisPage’’|| ‘’’TransClusionHwoTests’’’ || ‘’’{…}’’’||

HansWobbe (Hwo) is currently (2007-03 & 2007-02) using this page for a few tests.

  • Try adding a Transclusion from the bliki, to the first segment of this page that is in turn an <aggregate …> to HansWobbe.
  • Preliminary conclusions …
    • External URL TransClusion works, but Link support cannot be proven, just within this environment.

== TransClusion (external) test ==

Tests from …

  • bliki
  • datafix - demonstrate that a raw text file can be included successfully, but …

=== include from bliki ===

Working version of an include of Hwo:HwoBlogTagCloudN …

Attempt 1, Hwo😀iiGo, …

This failure is noted since it shows that the “raw” parameter is needed. <include “http://www.communitywiki.org/odd/HansWobbe;id=DiiGo">

=== include from datafix ===