2007-06-30 HwoToDo


  • 2007-06 goAls should be relocated to this HyperText Page.
    • Test CwB Goals to try to avoid cluttering this “2007-…” Blog, based on its use of the <journal> module.
    • Make this HyperText page a TransClusion.
    • test “CwB 2007…” as opposed to “2007… CwB” since this might let me stay out of the Blog.
  • Refine CwB.

Caution… Work In Progress… <include http://www.communitywiki.org/en?action=browse;id=HwoToDo;raw=1">

    • Introduce my related HyperText concepts (probably via TransClusion).
      • Develop some informative examples, incorporating DiiGo & ProtoPage?.
  • extend Hwo.goAls to at least 2007-07-31
    • then to 2007-12-31

Define external redirect: ProtoPage

EditNearLinks: DiiGo HyperText