Today, I came across this:


Anyone familiar with Tom Gruber?

How about this guy: http://novaspivack.typepad.com/ ? the “grapevine” is tellign me that he is working on semantic wikis.

Also hearing the same about http://www.stefandecker.org/

This is really interesting to me.

I have not met Nova and Joey Tamer, but I have a friend who’s done business with Nova, and who’s strongly recommended to me that I consult with Joey Tamer. (“Sorry! I just… …don’t have $5,000 lying around, for an hour long conversation!”, I think was my (pathetic?) excuse.)

I don’t know the name Tom Gruber.

But, thank you very much for this reporting; …

This… …leads me to think that the TagsForTags, AbstractionIdentificationProcess, EpisodicStructure / EmergentStructure ideas – that I should be implementing them much more aggressively.

I have a plan card written up for it, (I think it’s plan #3 or some low number like that,) and blueprints sketched out for just how to build the collaborative bookmarking / idea/factoid-collection system of my dreams.

Hmm… Maybe I shouldn’t work on OverHear?

I was searching CW, but I don’t believe I’ve actually written the page up.

I have been dying to write a data collage (WikiAsCollage) based on tagged data entries and customizable tag-collection presentation pages. It’s not so much “social bookmarking,” because you could put just anything into it (an idea you have, spontaneously generating a “card;”) I also envisioned that it should be collaborative rather than social, though ideally it would be PoliticalSoftware.


In social bookmarking, you can see everyone else’s tags. In my vision of collaborative bookmarking, you collaborate with people over the data set.

It’s SemiStructuredData?, and it should be mixed freely with free text.

Well, …

I have blueprints.

I figured you’d have some ideas along these lines. I’ll come back later tonight or tomorrow and fill in where I am getting all of this from.

I think it’d be a really dramatically powerful thing.

I personally would be using it to track all these proto-scientific things, SocialSelfRealization and HiveMind stuff.

Sorry, I must be SpeakingEdge right now; I don’t have another way, not enough LinkLanguage to support the speech.

This is one of the major capabilities of DiiGo (where their primary function is stated to be Page Annotation), but I’ve built up a set of over 800 bookmarks simply because of their great Tag support and the way they automatically generate RssFeed?(s) based on these Tags.

  • If anyone is interested, I’ll craft a demonstration using a couple of the oddmuse WikiHives?.




This debate between DavidWeinberger and AndrewKeen? is really informative, and helps frame some possible thinking about the evolution of OrganizingInformation:



Wow! I agree that is cool. I love the idea of people being able to publish books from wiki.


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