Uhm, what’s up? Did Lion get lost somewhere?

I was away at the ShambhalaMountainCenter?, for the StoryFieldConference, and I was incommunicado.

My bad!

(No cell phone access, only a tiny bit of net access, me with no really usable laptop, in a somewhat dangerous space – bears and mountain lions about and so on…)


This is Lion Kimbro, posting from the computer in the main hall at the Storyfield Conference.

To say that I have “seen a lot” or “have a lot to talk about,” and so on, would be a severe understatement.

I have countless thoughts, I’ve been ripping through the 3x5 cards, and just can’t wait to get through it all.

Some of the things I really want to talk about, though, include:

  • GlobalHeart?, to complement GlobalBrain. This isn’t just about GeekHealth; If we are really serious about the things we are talking about technology doing to transform society and so on- this is a very material consideration.
  • HiveMind needs a thorough rewrite, or addition, or something. I have developed over time a much clearer picture about how Internet organizing and collaborating, and what that means to efforts that are presently “offline” that want to / recognize that they need to connect up online.
  • HelpingPeopleLearnComputers? – many societies and people need help, learning to use the computer networks; I am always shocked at how hard computers are to learn, and how user un-friendly our technology is (such as wiki technology,) for newcomers, who have no ideas about the whys and wherefores. Even wysiwygs are grossly unsettling – “I want to make a link; Where do I put the URL?” …when the user is being prompted for a name of a wiki page to link to. Part of the answer is to just make more UserFriendly software. But another part is, “Look, it’s going to take ages to do that. We just have to manually help people out, and do trainings and so on.” Of course, it doesn’t need to be entirely “for free.” There is, after all, exchange, which brings up the next subject.
  • InternetExchange – I just cannot believe it, but we’ve got Dana Lynn Anderson, who is just a God in the EvolutionarySpirituality world, wanting to post her (and her students’) art talents onto the InternetExchange, in exchange for help hosting some community sites, and some tech support as needed.
  • LowPower – The model of doing business that SamRose proposes is what I call “Low Power.” Based in the network, but not getting particularly rich. The model that HansWobbe has succeeded in, I call “High Power.” I think in this conference, I’ve gained a lot of vision into the (collectively high) power of (individually) low power models. I’d like to connect these ideas up. I’d also like to be, specially, listening very carefully to, reading very carefully, what HansWobbe has to say.

An example of some of Dana Lynn Anderson’s work: see more on Amateur Illustrator interview of her


see more on Amateur Illustrator interview of her

SamRose, do you know of “David C. Korten?”

http://www.thegreatturning.net/ ?

He’s agreed to use the InternetExchange to get:

  • a participatory web 2.0 environment
    • I’m immediately thinking: PHPBB, wiki, perhaps a mailing list, …
    • professionally supported
  • help and assistance for the community of users

Lion… If you need a PhpBb?, I run one. – HansWobbe

Depending on what he wants to do, Drupal might be a really good choice, coupled with a mailing list and wiki. You can create intergrated forums, a UnaLog or del.icio.us style bookmarking system, multimedia sharing, and on and on with Drupal, plus community decision tools, ecommerce tools, blogs, etc. I highly recommend Drupal as a hub/community tool. I’ve built some really nice sites with very useful functionality in Drupal. Also would probably recommend wiki, and mailing list, for obvious reasons.

But before all of that, really, we should have at least a quick overview of what they want to do, what they want to accomplish. Then we can recommend tools based on that. That’s just my recommendation. But I would love to help, and would gladly accept InternetExchange currency in trade for services.

I still owe you the page you requested on my user page, too.

"Low Power vs High Power"

LowPower – The model of doing business that SamRose proposes is what I call “Low Power.” Based in the network, but not getting particularly rich. The model that HansWobbe has succeeded in, I call “High Power.” I think in this conference, I’ve gained a lot of vision into the (collectively high) power of (individually) low power models. I’d like to connect these ideas up. I’d also like to be, specially, listening very carefully to, reading very carefully, what HansWobbe has to say.

Hmm…I think this is a misconception, in some ways. It’s not that you cannot get rich with the business model that I propose, it is that I am not focused on getting rich. But, I think there are some people who were not focused on getting rich, that did. CraigNewmark? (CraigsList) comes to mind, and I am sure there are other examples.

Sam is, of course, right that there are many examples of folk who became rich as a by-product pursuing other goals. In fact, the majority of folk who I know that have gotten rich, did so by means of being in the right place, at the right time, while doing something they wanted to. Very few of them set out with the goal of simply becoming rich.

This is so insightful, and encouraging! I was thinking that I had to persue the most direct path to money imaginable, at the expense of doing “neat” projects with people.

So, this is very encouraging.

OverHear will be developed, I think, then, in an OpenSource way.

A woman named Gabriella is interested in our exchange;


  • HTML/JS prototype design on a really cool history visualization project


  • life coaching, professional coaching
  • advice, direction, assistance in making CDs (she’s an expert)
  • proposal reviews

Lion, I am thinking that we should talk together about how to help others engage InternetExchange. I think it’s awesome that you are getting people interested in it. Some questions (feel free to add your own):

  • What is the economy in our exchange? How do people start out with money in the exchange?
    • Should we issue a starting amount of money?
    • or should we let people start out by createing a “deal”, then negotiating a price, then let the people declare that they have made the exchange when they are both satisfied?
  • I like the second way better, but I want to go about it in a way that helps the “currency” value be equal to what people are putting into it.
  • How, in InternetExchange, can we best address reciprocating people for value that cannot easily be compressed into a “price”, even an AlternativeCurrency price? I am starting to think that in InternetExchange, it might be good to create CombinatoryReciprocation?. A reward for work that also contributes to, or helps sustain a KnowledgeCommons?, for instance. We need to think more about these economics, and how to track them, and how to create a way not just to have a bartering currency, although I love that we are doing that, but way to connect this services-for-AlternativeCurrency with a reward system for contributors to different commons (OpenSourceSoftware, Knowledge and Design Commons, etc). It may turn out that just auto-awarding people points based upon contributions might rapidly devalue an InternetExchange AlternativeCurrency. It may end up turning out that there should be a different way to reward people for different types of exchanges or valeu creation. It might turn out that it is too hard to compress someone’s Wiki contribution into a labor-price unit. Because, it might have value way beyond the time you took to write it, for instance. The value is mostly in the usage. Like, if you wrote the page theoryBuilding, and it gets used 1000 times over the next 10 years. Sure, you can get attribution, but maybe people will also be kind enough to reward you in some other way? Same thing with software you might create and OpenSource. We need to create a culture where people think it is normal, and good, to voluntarily give back to those who create and release value for free. I think if we make it easy for them to do, they’ll do it. For InternetExchange, if you create a page, adn I use it elsewhere, I should create a file that gives you some of my InternetExchange AlternativeCurrency when I use your page elsewhere in a way that created value for me (or I should pay you some cash when and if I get cash)

Also, I am thinking that people should be able to build a reputation inm InternetExchange, and they could also sell InternetExchange “shares” in their ventures (when and if legal, of course).

I brought back the “How do we present the InternetExchange?” text and some of the other interests in the InternetExchange; We can put that on an InternetExchangePresentation? page or InternetExchangeDiscussion page later.

I answered my own question above about “value” in InternetExchange, by going in “debt” to jumpstart the whole thing, so that it can potentially be based on actual value. see InternetExchange for more info


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